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Sharp tools for your Amazon business

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Listing Protection

Secure your business

Listing Protection: Secure your business

Monitoring tool for Amazon sellers – Get instant alerts if something goes wrong

  • Track your product keywords
  • Monitor buybox statuses and price changes
  • Get listing hijacker alerts

Traffic Insights

Analyze. Optimize. Scale.

Traffic Insights: Analyze. Optimize. Scale.

Analytics tool for your Amazon business – Compare ASINs’ potential reach in different channels

  • Find the most profitable traffic channels
  • Uncover your competitors’ tactics
  • Fine-tune your promotional strategy

Listing Quality Check

Upgrade your listings

Listing Quality Check: Upgrade your listings

Audit tool – Improve your product pages’ visibility, CTR, and sales

  • Check for Amazon Guidelines and Style Guide fit
  • Fix content errors and incomplete listings
  • Gather new ideas and best practices

Split Testing

Sell. Test. Sell more.

Split Testing: Sell. Test. Sell more.

Free split-testing tool for your Amazon listings – Even the smallest change can make a difference

  • Manage your product pages within the tool
  • Get live stats on views and conversions
  • Continuously increase your profits
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Scale up your sales and outplay the competition

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