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How to optimize your Amazon listings with Sellerly

This page covers the basics of Amazon split testing and the four core variables of the listing that affect your sales: Image, Title, Description, and Price.

We’ll also talk about Sellerly, our free tool for increasing your conversions by A/B testing your Amazon listings.

What's up with Sellerly?

Sellerly is your tool for increasing Amazon sales by optimizing and split testing product pages. After a simple set up, it takes over the whole process and automatically collects the data you need to grow your business. You can run as many tests as you like, our tool is free and there are no additional limits.

Right now our tool is available only for the US Amazon Marketplace. We're working to hopefully start supporting other countries.

Sellerly is brought to you by the SEMrush team, and its 11 years of experience in providing solutions for marketeers. Being trusted by over 4,000,000 users, we know the value of our community.

That’s why we are more than eager to listen to you, and the needs of our new user base.

We plan to keep refining our split-testing tool and adding new features by taking notes on your workflow’s hiccups and itches. The split-testing tool is just the first step for us, and we are willing to build upon it.

We want to make your Amazon business the smoothest there is.

What is split testing and why do I need it?
What elements of my listing can I tweak?
How to turn off Amazon notification emails?

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